The ReEVOLUTIØN Cards have the profile of a game, consisting of 73 cards that form a very comprehensive guide for Circular Economy Strategies and Actions, with several suggestions for use either in tandem or in isolation from the Design Model for Circular Economy developed by Mindshake.


This card deck has been meticulously crafted within the realm of Mindshake’s consultancy and training initiatives focused on innovation through design and creative thinking strategies, and is part of a specific process model dedicated to Circular Economy.

This ReEVOLUTIØN 6 model has its roots in our original Design Thinking model, Evolution 6², but now focused on sustainable innovation. To enhance the new model’s distinctiveness and efficiency, we incorporated 11 strategies under the ReEVOLUTIØN umbrella, utilising the acronym to facilitate the memorization of Circular Economy strategies. The culmination of 3 years of dedicated research, experimentation, prototyping, and workshop testing has shaped the final design of both the model and this Card Deck.


In tandem with the ReEVOLUTIØN 6 model, this card game offers a practical and engaging exploration of Circular Economy. The game consists of three categories:

  1. Strategies Cards (11 cards): Educational tools elucidating foundational strategies crucial for fostering circular initiatives.
  2. Action Cards (52 cards): Specific actions organizations can undertake to infuse circularity into their practices, projects, and initiatives.
  3. Poker Cards (5 cards): Introducing a unique dimension to the game, prompting players to consider diverse angles in their circular decision-making.

This curated Circular Strategies Card Game transforms abstract concepts of circularity into tangible actions and perspectives. As an interactive and educational tool, it seamlessly aligns with the goals of the ReEV6 model, designed to be used in consulting and training.

As you explore this card deck, you’ll wonder how best to leverage it. Here are some ideas for using the cards:

Strategic Discussions: Leverage the 11 dedicated strategy cards to fuel strategic discussions. Rethink your approach to Circular Economy through collaborative exploration of key elements.

Project Diagnosis: Dive into the 52 action cards for in-depth project diagnosis. Uncover insights, identify areas for improvement, and tailor your Circular Economy initiatives for maximum impact.

Idea Generation Spark: Ignite the creative spark during the idea generation phase. Use the diverse actions within the deck to inspire fresh perspectives and innovative solutions for your Circular Economy projects.

Checklist for Success: Transform your deck into a practical checklist for your new Circular Economy project or business. Ensure no critical aspect is overlooked by systematically considering the comprehensive range of actions.

Endless Possibilities: These are just a few ways to harness the power of your ReEvolution Deck. As part of a larger pack, a detailed handbook offers additional suggestions and insights. Feel free to explore and craft new activities, then share your discoveries with us at [email protected]. Explore the endless possibilities and chart your course towards Circular Excellence.

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