Design Thinking applied to the Redesign of Business Education

Paper written by Katja Tschimmel & Joana Santos

Presented in July 2018 at The ISPIM Innovation Conference – Innovation, The Name of The Game,  Stockholm


Many business and innovation managers and academics have been calling attention to the need for urgent changes in business school curricula and learning methods, prompted by the continual social, economic and technological transformation of our uncertain world. This paper provides an introductional approach to the concept of Design Thinking and its possible role for the improvement of business education programmes through the presentation of a new framework: The D-Think Toolkit. This toolkit is composed of six educational scenarios, the six phase process model Evolution 6, and numerous DT tools. The objective of the article is to help the innovation management community to understand better the main principles of Design Thinking applied in Education, and the potential the method has for being applied in the innovation of business schools.

Full paper available at

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