World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 (WCIW)

This is the second time, we celebrate Leonardo’s birthday and the creativity and innovation week in the MINDSHAKE House in Porto.

This year we open the week on the 15 of April (Easter Saturday and Leonardo’s 565 birthday) with the:

Exposition “Leonardo’s Egg”.

Designers, painters, photographers, jewelry designers, etc. will expose in total 33 EGGS which will be auctioned. But our visitors can’t get the artworks for money, but only by offering other products or services. In the end of the creativity week, on 22 of April, each author will get a list with all offers done for her/his EGG to choose the one he/she will accept.

Participants in the exposition are:
Alexandre Jacinto, Alex Pereira, Ana Menezes, André do Estaminé, Andrew Howard, António de Almeida Mattos, Áurea Praga & Katja Tschimmel, Braulio Roriz, Carlos Marques, Emílio Remelhe, Francisco Laranjo, Francisco Providência, Helena Cordeiro,  Inês D’Orey, Inês Sobreira, Irena Übler, João Cruz, João Nunes, José Saraiva, Luis Gémeo, Mª Dulce & João R. Barata Feyo, Mariana Mattos, Marta Varzim, Miguel Bandeira, Né Santelmo & Pedro Leão, Nick Redgrave, Patrícia Iglésias, Pedro Lobo, Sandra Barão Nobre, Susana Fernando, Teresa Dantas.

Although in general the names of the artists/designers are known, the author of each work is only revealed at the end of the auction. To see the 33 EGGs of Leonardo, on 15/4 have a look at

The week from 17 – 21 of April, the Mindshake House will be the home for several events:

3 workshops

Dragon Dreaming
O diário lúdico (pai/mãe e um/a filho/a)
Mind Mapping
Design Thinking

2 Talkshaking 

Childrens’ Creativity
Cross Industry Innovation 



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