2019 celebration, welcome 2020!

The passing from the old year to a new is the perfect moment to look back and celebrate what we have achieved, both personally and professionally.

So we would like to share with you everything which fills us with pride and satisfaction. And also our plans for 2020.

CONSULTANCY – Assisting teams with their projects

* We started our work in the area of Creative Leadership by designing and conducting a “Worldcafé for Creative Leadership” at IKEA. We developed this concept in a workshop entitled “Leadership for a Sparkling Team”, conceived for the Portuguese Association of Management and Industrial Engineering (APGEI) which took place at Águas do Porto (Porto’s water company).

* We initiated the programme Creative Minds, a set of Creative Thinking sessions, which started in Moscow with Leroy Merlin, and then extended to an annual programme with the dstelecom team. We have been delighted to research and create new exercises for the creative thinking training, and we are grateful for the trust the dstgroup has placed in us. Our creative gym was also part of MA Creative Production‘s 20th anniversary celebration.

* In collaboration with the furniture company Munna, we conducted the pilot project “Design Thinking for Children” with students from the 3rd year of the German School of Porto. The result, a reading chair for the classroom, was amazing!

* Another truly innovative project was Bibliotherapy in Organisations, a project in collaboration with Biblioterapeuta.

TRAINING – Creativity and Design Thinking for Innovation

* This year we welcomed new clients to our Design Thinking training courses. Thanks Adidas, Farfetch and Finantech, your teams were fantastic!

* But 2019 was not just a year of news. The continuity of our partnerships with APGEI, NOS Campus and BA Academy fills us with pride!

As in previous years, the Mindshake team has again organised an EVENT for the World Creativity and Innovation Week. In 2019 we hosted The Creativity Virus exhibition, where 60 artists, designers, photographers, writers, etc. participated. The result can be seen in the book of the same name.

We never stop RESEARCHING and LEARNING. Check out our articles and Mindshake’s first book here. We also received invitations to participate in CONFERENCES and national and international events, out of which we highlight the Design Thinking Camp in Moscow and our DT Master Class at Laurea University. See this and other Mindshake contributions in our blog.


2020 promises to be a special year!

This year Mindshake will celebrate 10 years of activity and is ready to grow: increase in collaborators, grow in knowledge and expand internationally.

In other words, our team is getting bigger and we are building new models dedicated to the emerging issues of our decade: Creative Leadership, Circular Economy and Social Innovation – and we have more and more friends and partners helping us to cross borders.

Thank you for being part of our year 2019.

We would love to have you again with us in 2020!

Until then, we wish you happy festivities.

The Mindshake Team

Check our new youtube channel, and the making of of our greetings card here.

Conferences/Conferências & Master Classes 2019

Este ano participamos em diversas conferências e demos 3 Master Classes:
This year we participated in several conferences and lectured 3 Master Classes:

Abril: Participamos no Dia Mundial da Criatividade com uma palestra sobre o Virus da Criatividade no IPAM Porto.

Junho: Mesa Redonda – “Un Diálogo Contagioso sobre el Proceso Creativo – a 3 vocês femeninas”, com Katja Tschimmel, Angélica Sátiro e Rosário Belda, Fundación Luis Seoane, A Coruña.

Junho: Realização da Master Class “Design Thinking in Health Care”, no âmbito do Mestrado em Educação Académica e Clínica da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto.

Julho: Keynotes Design Thinking: placebo or panacea? Critics and followers of the method” and “Design Thinking in a Primary School. The creation of a reading chair for the classroom” por Katja Tschimmel at the Design Thinking Camp in Moscow


September:  Master Class “Practical Design Thinking”, given by Katja Tschimmel at the Master Course in Service Innovation and Design, Laura University, Helsinki.

Setembro: Moderação da Conversa com a Administração (Filipe Araújo, Vice-Presidente da C. M. Porto e Marta Peneda, Vereadora da C. M. Maia) por Katja Tschimmel, no seminário IDI 2019 – “What’s New” da LIPOR, Porto. No fim do dia Wrap-up das apresentação do Seminário.

Outubro: “Free Style Design Thinking” por Katja Tschimmel no BootCamp do evento Indieworkers.

Novembro: Palestra “Design Thinking – mindset para a inovação” por  Joana Moreira na Conferência ISCULTURAP, organizado pela  AE ISCAP – Associação de Estudantes do Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto.


 Dezembro: Master Class “Design Thinking for Digital Innovation”, dada por Joana Moreira no Mestrado em Programação da Universidade do Minho.

Publications 2019

This year Mindshake published its first book, and participated in 3 scientific articles:


– Tschimmel, K. (Coord.) (2019). The Creativity Virus – A Book about and for Creative Thinking. Porto: Edição Mindshake. ISBN 978-989-20-9409-0.


– Tschimmel K., Santos J. (2019). How Designers Can Contribute to Education. In: Bagnara S., Tartaglia R., Albolino S., Alexander T., Fujita Y. (eds). Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA 2018). IEA 2018. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 824. Springer, Cham, pp. 2098-2107. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-96071-5_219.

– Mendes, F., Duarte, C., Tschimmel, K. (2019). Coworking as The Great Good Place for Design Learning. An Explore Framework. Convergências – Revista de Investigação e Ensino das Artes , VOL XII (24) Retrieved from journal URL: http://convergencias.ipcb.pt.

– Clemente, V., Tschimmel, K., Pombo, F. (2019). Mapping the territories around Design Research, Education and Practice. A four-layer analysis: Processes, Philosophy, People and Products. In: Proceedings of the International Research & Education in Design Conference 2019, REDES2019, 14 & 15 November 2019, Lisbon School of Architecture of the University of Lisbon, Lisbon.